The second owners were Jeannie and Ralph Thomas. Mr. Thomas was a New York Bank Executive. They retired to Boca Raton, Florida in 1972.

Paul J. & Marianne Pratter purchased the home in 1972. Quite unusually they stayed with the Thomas’s for a brief period of time while the transition took place. The Pratter’s lived there for 6 years ending in an acrimonious divorce in early 1978. Paul J. Pratter maintained the residence for an additional period during the summer of 1978.

During the married years, Paul did extensive remodeling to the home by bringing in a new main line underground feed power system to a panel as well as remodeling the kitchen, living room, & dining room area. The basement was cleaned and a wine cellar made of cedar was installed. Within the rear porch with the view of New York, An awning was installed, and many of the solid oak exterior French doors were refinished. Much of the exterior wood was replaced near the rear entrance parapet. A three tier fountain with extensive landscaping was also added.


The largest single change was the grading of the lower hillside and the installation of a 150 foot retaining wall and an all marble heated swimming pool on the lower level. Access to the first level was by a wide redwood staircase built by Paul.